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Wellbeing Wednesday - The Importance of Being Calm

Wellbeing Wednesday – The importance of being calm


We can all sometimes struggle to regulate emotions. This can be particularly challenging when out of routine or at home for long periods of time.  This week, why not take some time to focus on being calm?

Staying calm allows us to think logically and make decisions accordingly.  A sense of calm offers us strength and resilience amid the chaos of life.


Here are some helpful, actionable tips that can be tried to help us feel a sense of calm:


Breathe: One of the most calming breathing exercises we can do is to breathe in for a count of 5 and then breathe out for a count of 6.   Repeating this a few times can really help to regulate breathing and help us to feel a lot calmer.


Listen to music:  Music can have a profound effect on both the emotions and the body.  It can quiet our mind and relax our muscles, making us feel soothed and calm while releasing the stress of the day. 


Get some fresh air:  Being outside, particularly in nature, helps to boost mood and improves our ability to focus.  When we focus on the things around us, it can help us to feel calmer.


Take a break from technology:  Staying away from technology for the hour before we go to sleep can help to calm the mind and helps us to get a better quality of sleep.


Sleep:  Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout our life. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect our mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. The way we feel while we’re awake depends in part on what happens while we’re sleeping. 


I wish you all a calm week ahead.