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Admissions September 2022

Last year, due to the Covid situation, we held a "virtual open event" via our website with an additional Virtual Meeting. 

Feedback from parents was overwhelmingly positive. This situation with Covid is still uncertain and we want to ensure we do not put our pupils or staff at unnecessary risk from having visitors in school.  Therefore we are repeating these virtual events again this year.


Virtual Open Event

We have increased the information on our website based on questions we are frequently asked.  Please make full use of our website and the additional documents below in place of our usual school tours.  We hope you also enjoy our school tour video below.  Please make sure you read our information about our intake of 45.  Our Parent's Handbook also provides valuable information about our school.


We look forward to meeting you!


Welcome to Oakwood Primary School! School Tour Video

We have 2 Reception classes and photos of our Reception classrooms (Acorns 1 and Acorns 2) can be found in our transition booklets.  See the links below. 

Acorns 1 

Acorns 2

Feedback from Parents

We strive to build effective partnerships with our parents and value their feedback.

We have had an extremely positive experience of Oakwood since our daughter started in September.  The EYFS staff are incredibly friendly, supportive and enthusiastic about all our daughter contributes.  We have received excellent online communication showing the wonderful range of both indoor and outdoor activities she has been able to participate in and we feel that she is really thriving in this setting. (Reception parent, November 2020)


We consider that Oakwood Primary School has provided an extremely welcoming community for our son, and he very much enjoys being at school.  The teaching is highly organised, and we are impressed by the level of resources on offer to the children, and teacher-to-parent communication. (Reception parent, November 2020)


I couldn’t have picked a better school for my children. My second child has settled into reception beautifully, the staff are kind, caring and supportive and have made transition so easy. In a year of madness Oakwood is a place of calm which means the world to our family. (Reception parent, November 2020)


For us Oakwood was such a positive experience. Our daughter has SEN and it provided such a caring and supportive role in her education.

Even helping to provide us with support as a family to help understand her ongoing needs.

Oakwood has a real community feel and we are so lucky we had the chance to be a part of it. (Year 6 parent, July 2020)


It was a difficult start for my son as my husband has a serious illness and my son has been anxious. The teacher and TA have been very patient, caring and supportive of the whole family and my son loves it. (Reception parent, November 2020)

Useful links

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"Be realistic about your chances of getting a particular school. You can list up to 4 schools in order of preference. We call these your "ranked" schools.
Last year, 357 children were allocated primary schools they didn't rank.
Of those, 67% didn't list their nearest school and 36% only listed 1 school."


Karen, Admissions officer


We are delighted that you are considering a place at Oakwood for your child.  Oakwood offers 45 places in any one year group and admissions are handled by the Local Authority. Prospective parents should contact the Local Authority to find out about admissions arrangements. Further details are available at: