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Work of the Week

All children at Oakwood strive to produce work that they are proud of.  Each week we celebrate a particular piece of work and display it in our dining hall for everyone to admire!

Beech class have been learning about narrative texts. We read the story ‘Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion’ and created comic strips to show the main events in the story. For her retelling of Little Red, Harriet thought carefully about the adjectives that she used to make her expanded noun phrases exciting. She also worked hard to make sure that each sentence started in a different way, to avoid repetition. Before publishing her favourite paragraph from her story, Harriet edited her whole story by responding to adult feedback.

This week we have started our new topic ‘Come Outside’ and we have been learning all about Spring. We have been thinking about some of the changes that happen in spring and went on a walk to look for signs of spring. Evie was particularly interested in our new topic and she chose to use her phonics knowledge to write about what she could see in the picture of spring. Evie worked hard to sound out each of the words, and then wrote the correct graphemes.

In Willow this term we have been studying Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth.’ For this piece of work, we took on the role of Macbeth having heard the witches’ prophecy, and wrote a letter to Lady Macbeth seeking advice as to what to do next. Peggy wrote a wonderful letter to Lady Macbeth, using a variety of modal verbs to eloquently explore Macbeth’s inner thoughts and express his dilemma. Peggy’s work is impeccably neat with excellent spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Sycamore have been studying Macbeth by William Shakespeare. We enjoyed reading the story and analysing the language. We then wrote the ending to the story using descriptive language and dialogue. Oscar has worked really hard to present his work neatly with a focus on his handwriting. He thought carefully about his word choices and independently edited his own work to improve it for his final draft.

Lime class read Pie Corbett’s “Alien Landing” story before making their own version with a focus on descriptive language and speech. In her work, Gabriella worked hard to include simile, fronted adverbials and a range of speech verbs to make her retelling of the story come alive!

Rowan class have been learning to write a book review. First, we looked at how the experts write; we identified all the features of a good book review. Then we read the book “The Man who Walked Between the Towers.” Dylan planned his book review. Next he practised using conjunctions of cause and effect to help him add details to the points point that he made. Dylan then used his planning and the steps to success to write his own review. Finally, he worked with his partner to edit and improve his writing.

Ash class have been learning how to write for a range of purposes and have written a book review about the book How to Catch a Star. Finn thought carefully about what he liked or disliked about the book. He explained his reasons, giving examples. He talked about what he would change about the book. Finn also thought about who else might like the book. Finn carefully evaluated and redrafted his work to write a well-presented final draft.

Poplar Class have been writing a first person narrative based on the story ‘Leon and the Place Between’ by Grahame Baker-Smith. Sophia’s narrative is full of descriptive vocabulary describing the sight in the Place Between. She has used some excellent vocabulary detailing her thoughts and feelings as she fell into the darkness. Sophia has also included some excellent fronted adverbials and prepositional phrases to make her writing interesting for the reader.

Well done to all our writers!