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The Staff at Oakwood

Below are the staff who work at Oakwood Primary School.

Ms Z Buckley



Mrs A Thompson

Deputy Headteacher





Early Years Staff


           Mrs A Stein & Miss J Davies           Acorns 1 Class Teacher 

Mrs J Jenkins

Acorns 2 Class Teacher and Foundation Stage Lead

           Miss A Dawson           Acorns 1 Teaching Assistant  
          Miss S Akthar           Acorns 1 Teaching Assistant  

Mrs E Kireeva

Acorns 2 Teaching Assistant 

           Miss S Hunt           Acorns 2 Teaching Assistant  
           Mrs Y Frankl           Acorns 2 Teaching Assistant  




Key Stage 1 Staff



Miss J Stubbs

Ash Class Teacher, Key Stage 1 Lead and SENCO


Mrs C Jurgenson

Ash Class Teacher 


Miss E Greenwood

Beech Class Teacher 


Miss A Denson

Cherry Class Teacher

           Miss A Defelice           KS1 Teaching Assistant  

Mrs Y Frankl

KS1 Teaching Assistant 

           Miss S George           KS1 Teaching Assistant 
           Mrs L Nardelli           KS1 Teaching Assistant  

Mrs O Protsyuk

KS1 Teaching Assistant 


Miss T Vazir

KS1 Teaching Assistant 





Lower Key Stage 2 Staff


          Mrs A Brown                    Lime Class Teacher 

Miss H Bird

Maple Class Teacher and Key Stage 2 Lead


Mrs K Radomska & Mrs L Johnston

Poplar Class Teacher


Mrs A Jarratt

LKS2 Teaching Assistant

           Mrs I Kumarasinghe           LKS2 Teaching Assistant 

Mrs J Rhodes

LKS2 Teaching Assistant


Ms F Van Schalkwyk

LKS2 Teaching Assistant


Mrs L Westcombe

LKS2 Teaching Assistant





Upper Key Stage 2 Staff



Mrs J Hooper

Rowan Class Teacher 


Mr A Cowan &            Mrs J Roche

Sycamore Class Teacher


Mrs E Marshall

Willow Class Teacher

           Ms F Chan           UKS2 Teaching Assistant 

  Mrs V Raghavan

  UKS2 Teaching Assistant


Mrs N Shillum

Transition & Pastoral Support

          Mrs S Downes          Cover Teacher 

Mrs S Heather

Specialist Sports Coach



Office Staff



Mrs A Tavener

             PA to Headteacher/Office Manager        

Mrs V Taylor

School Secretary


Mrs L Rowe

Premises/Health & Safety Manager




          Lunchtime Staff  
          Mrs J Britten          Midday Supervisory Assistant 
          Mrs M Campo-Señas          Midday Supervisory Assistant 
          Mrs H Khan          Midday Supervisory Assistant 
          Miss M Llorens        Domingo          Midday Supervisory Assistant 

Site Staff



Mr N Rangasamy