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Welcome to EYFS at Oakwood

Welcome! You have accepted a place for your child to start in Reception for September 2024.

You will soon be contacted by our admin team with information about starting school and you will be asked to complete some forms to be returned to school.

We will be offering a 'welcome' meeting for parents/carers of our new starters. This is a chance to learn more about our school, have a look around the classrooms, chat to staff and ask questions. At this meeting we will be letting you know about the structure of the day, timings, lunch, how your children will learn, what your child needs to wear for school, what they need to bring with them, how you can help with your child's learning and development and work together with school. Lots of other things too! Towards the end of the summer term, there will be a time for you and your child to come and 'stay and play'. We will also be liaising with your child's current setting so we can learn a bit more about them and support a smooth transition.

Starting school can be an exciting time. It can also feel a bit overwhelming too so if you would like to share some details about your child before you receive the starting school forms, or, ask some questions in advance the meeting the please complete the questionnaire below. This is completely optional, you do not have to do this!


Click here to complete the New Starter Questionnaire

We look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful school and the start of a the next seven years of your child's learning journey.

In the EYFS at Oakwood we use EvidenceMe.  This is an online platform where we keep parents informed with news, updates and learning.  Please remember to check your child's profile regularly!