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Healthy Eating and Menus

Autumn / Winter Menu - 2019/2020

At lunchtime, you may arrange for your child to have a school dinner, bring a packed lunch or collect him/her from school to go home.  To assist us with our supervision levels at lunchtime it is preferred that your child keeps to the same lunchtime arrangements for a number of weeks.


School Meals


Edwards & Blake provide our school meals in line with current Government guidelines.  The chef and her staff will be preparing an excellent variety of meals that was recognised at our recent Ofsted inspection to give a healthy, balanced diet.  School meals are a good opportunity for the children to develop their social skills and can play a major part in broadening children’s attitudes to what foods they will and will not eat!  For all these reasons, we like as many children as possible to use the school meals service.

School meals should be paid for in advance on either a half termly or weekly basis.  If for some reason you no longer wish your child to have a school meal, please write and tell us at least a week in advance.

Packed Lunches


Parents are requested to follow healthy eating guidelines when sending packed lunches to school.  Many children bring carrot sticks and pieces of fruit or raisins as healthy extras in their lunch boxes.  Chocolate and fizzy drinks cause problems for us in school and we therefore prefer these not to be brought.  Nuts and nut products are not allowed in school because of the number of pupils with serious food allergies.