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School Council

Why Have a School Council?


A school council benefits the whole school.

It gives pupils a chance to express their views to the staff at school.

Pupils can have input on important decisions.

Pupils develop confidence and communication skills


Our school council has elected representatives from all classes.



Job descriptions



  • Use the agenda to run the meeting
  • Read out apologies
  • Make sure all representatives who want to speak do so
  • Approve minutes from the previous meeting
  • Prevent the meeting from turning into an argument
  • Keep to time



  • Take minutes of the meeting
  • Deliver copies of the minutes to all representatives prior to the next meeting
  • Record the names of those attending the meeting and those who are absent
  • Contact representatives in order to invite items for the agenda for the next meeting



  • Set up chairs for the meeting
  • Make sure there are plenty of pencils and paper for everybody
  • Make sure the younger members of the Council are settled and ready for the meeting
  • Tidy up after the meeting



  • Attend all the meetings
  • Make suggestions for change
  • Give feedback to their class
  • Have lots of ideas
  • Take on jobs in order to get things done