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School Vision and Values

At Oakwood every individual is valued for who they are and what they contribute to the school. We, the Oakwood community, have developed and agreed values that encompass our holistic approach and provide a foundation on which children can grow and prosper.

The result is a set of values and behaviours that are possible to put into practice every day so that together, we put Kindness, Curiosity and Ambition at the heart of everything we do for ourselves, our school, our community and beyond.


Our Values Are:





Through our values we aim to:

  • provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment where children feel safe and enjoy their learning
  • provide a broad curriculum and enriching experiences which promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, and intellectual development of each child
  • nurture the emotional, social, physical development and wellbeing of each individual
  • nurture the positive attitudes and skills necessary to prosper in a changing society, including self-confidence, self-discipline, adaptability, creativity and determination
  • encourage each child to show respect, care and consideration for all members of their community and to take responsibility for their actions
  • encourage each child to recognise the importance of responsible use of the earth’s resources and develop an understanding of how we can all contribute to creating a more sustainable society