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Why PE?

Physical activity is an essential part of maintaining positive physical and mental health. At Oakwood, children are taught Physical Education (PE) lessons twice a week. We use the Complete PE scheme and website to plan our curriculum and support our lesson planning. Children are encouraged to recognise that there are many different ways of exercising and they need to find the ones that they enjoy the most to develop further and foster a life-long love of physical activity.

The wide variety of sport and physical activity, which is taught at Oakwood, will enable all children to develop spatial awareness, ball skills, dance techniques, map reading skills, and so on. Some children will also be able to develop these skills further by competing in local competitions as they move up the school. An inclusive approach is embedded in our teaching of PE so that everyone can enjoy exercise and reach their full potential.

PE lessons are sometimes carried out by specialist external coaches with specific experience in certain sports or activities. Oakwood also offers pupils the opportunity to partake in competitive and non-competitive sporting activities with other schools, as well as a range of sports clubs before and after school.

PE Curriculum Overview

Helping at Home

The NHS recommends children undertake a minimum of 60 minutes physical activity each day. This could start with walking to and from school. Getting children involved in sports and other activities is a great way to get them physically active and we are very lucky to have many clubs and facilities locally. At Oakwood, we offer a wide range of after school clubs, which encourage physical exertion.

Taking your child out for a bike ride or trip to the park are possible ways to encourage a healthy lifestyle, as well as limiting time spent on sedentary activities such as computer gaming.