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Fencing Assembly

This morning our Key Stage 2 children had the exciting opportunity of having our fencing club provider come and hold an assembly to talk about what a fantastic sport fencing is and how beneficial it can be physically, socially and mentally. Two of our existing club members, Lily and Luka, brilliantly demonstrated their skills and impressed the pupils and staff with their ability and love of the sport.


Lily and Luka have written the following to tell us more about it:


"The assembly was about fencing, to show that fencing is so much more than just sword fighting and to show that it's an art.  Fencing is fun, exciting and all about having fun.  It's also about respect because if you don't respect your opponent then it's not going to be a fun game for both of you.  So why don't you give fencing a try before you say you don't like it.  Fencing isn't just about winning, it's about having fun.  Fencing is a fun sport so give it a try!"

Lily, Sycamore


"The assembly was to show that fencing is fun not boring, to make people interested in this amazing sport.  My 3 words to describe fencing are fun, amazing and brilliant!!!"

Luka, Sycamore


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