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Easter Holiday Bikeability

Please see below information from Bikeability St Albans about their upcoming Easter activities:



Bikeability at St Albans Cycle Hub – Easter Holidays

Tuesday 9th April to Friday 12th April from 10am to 12 noon

On the level 2 course you'll learn about:

•         recognising potential dangers ahead

•         signalling your intentions to other road users

•         riding on a road with traffic

•         the basics of the highway code

•         decision making and how to ride safely.

You'll be riding along the road and it is normally in groups of 3-12 people.


Learn to Ride at St Albans Cycle Hub – Easter Holidays

Various dates/times

We'll teach your child the fundamental skills of safe cycling, freeing them from their stabilisers!


For further information or to sign up please visit: St Albans Cycle Hub