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Chinese New Year

This morning's Celebration Assembly was taken by Mrs Hooper who spoke to us about the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year begins on the new moon that appears between 21st January and 20 February each lunar year, and for 2023 this begins this Sunday, 22nd January.  The celebrations, which are also known as the Spring Festival, will culminate with the Lantern Festival on the 5th February.

Mrs Hooper told us about 2023 being the Year of the Rabbit and that children born in 2011 belonged to the Year of the Rabbit.  

Each animal in Chinese culture has special and unique characteristics which are reflected in the people born into these years.  The rabbit represents the moon, some say because the shadows of the moon resemble a rabbit, others say it is because of the rabbit's pure characteristics. Rabbits are earnest with everything they do; they just ask that others treat them the same way.

The picture below shows all 12 of the animals along with birth years so you can see which one represents you.