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Why French?


At Oakwood Primary School, we give the teaching and learning of French the prominence it requires, and aim to ensure that children receive a high quality, thought- provoking and inclusive education that helps them understand the world.

Throughout Key Stage 2, we use the Language Angels scheme of work. This will progressively develop pupil skills in French through well planned weekly lessons, which are taught by class teachers. Units, where possible and appropriate, are linked to class topics and cross curricular themes. Children build on previous knowledge, as their French lessons continue to revise and consolidate previously learnt language, whilst building on all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Curriculum Overview

Helping at Home


Take your child to a museum

France has produced some of the most talented artists, such as Monet and Renoir. Check your local museums schedule to see when it is featuring a French- inspired exhibition and enjoy a day out!

Celebrate French holidays

Celebrating important French holidays, such as Bastille Day, will teach your child about French history.

Cook a French meal

Familiarise your child with French cuisine by making a traditional French meal, such as quiche and crème brulee.

Watch a French movie

Some child friendly French movies that you and your child can enjoy are: A Monster in Paris and The Red Balloon.

Listen to French music

Do you have a Spotify account? Download some French songs to listen to. Listening to French music will help familiarise your child with French accents and pronunciations.


You can download and print free French crosswords and word searches for your child.

Memory game

Create or buy some French flashcards.

Read French books

Le Petit Prince is one of the most well- known French children’s books.

Useful Websites

Useful Apps


Language Angels app with interactive games and karaoke videos (children have login details)