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School Council

Why have a School Council?


  • A School Council benefits the whole school
  • It gives pupils a chance to express their views to the staff of the school
  • Pupils can have an input on important decisions
  • Pupils develop confidence and communication skills

Who are our School Council Representatives for 2014-15?


To be updated shortly ...

  • Ash Class - Rosie Angel and George White
  • Beech Class - Lucy Howeson and Aidan Prowse
  • Cherry Class - Hollie Glover and Thanisran Suthaparan
  • Lime Class - Holly Hunter and Freddie Yeo
  • Maple Class - Olivia Howeson and Dom Hopkins
  • Poplar Class - Enya van Uffelen and James Gray
  • Rowan Class - Orla Carrington and Mitchell Banks
  • Sycamore Class - Cynthia Bottomley and Benjamin Davis
  • Willow Class - Lois Powell and Samuel Baker-Madec


We have a very successful school council with two elected members from each class. The Council meet with Mrs Prowle during each half term to discuss important school-related issues.

Picture 1 The school Council's display board in school.

Job descriptions



  • Use the agenda to run the meeting
  • Read out apologies
  • Make sure all representatives who want to speak do so
  • Approve minutes from the previous meeting
  • Prevent the meeting from turning into an argument
  • Keep to time



  • Take minutes of the meeting
  • Deliver copies of the minutes to all representatives prior to the next meeting
  • Record the names of those attending the meeting and those who are absent
  • Contact representatives in order to invite items for the agenda for the next meeting



  • Set up chairs for the meeting
  • Make sure there are plenty of pencils and paper for everybody
  • Make sure the younger members of the Council are settled and ready for the meeting
  • Tidy up after the meeting



  • Attend all the meetings
  • Make suggestions for change
  • Give feedback to their class
  • Have lots of ideas
  • Take on jobs in order to get things done