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PE and Sports Funding


In April 2013 the Government announced new funding of £150 million for PE and sport. This funding was intended to '...improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision.' (Ofsted, 2013)

The funding is allocated to each school and is dependent upon their number of pupils. We have received approximately £9000 annually each academic year since then.

Clearly, in utilising the money, we are keen to see it as an investment in the long term, sustaining and enhancing PE at Oakwood into the future, as well as meeting the needs of current pupils. To this end we are working to ensure that PE and sport retains its high profile at Oakwood and that the culture of participation, enjoyment and achievement in sport pervades all that we do. In addition to the Sports Premium, funding from the PTA and voucher collections also resource our PE provision.

Audits were sent home for families to complete regarding children’s participation in sports clubs out of school. From our audit we know a large proportion of children take part in one or more sports based clubs outside of school. Children’s opinions of PE have been surveyed across the whole school and we found that the majority of children enjoy their PE lessons.

For full information of the extra-curricular clubs offered at Oakwood see the ‘Clubs/Activities' section.


Reports on school sports events and competitions can be found in our ‘Newsletters’ section.

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