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Learning About Values

Learning about Values


As a school we believe that values underpin all that we do, from the decisions that we make, to how we treat one another. We believe at Oakwood that it is important to explicitly teach our children values so that we can live and positively contribute to our local and global community. 

We do this through RE lessons, PSHE lessons, assemblies, outside visitors, through drama, debate and first-hand experience. As a result, our children feel that they are making a positive difference to the world and live within a supportive community. 


To support the teaching and importance of values, we held a ‘Values’ themed week, where classes focused on a particular value; Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 learnt about respect; Year 3 and Year 4 learnt about perseverance; and Year 5 and 6 learnt about equality and justice. The learning was based around story books which demonstrated each value, and the children explored how they could implement the value into their own lives successfully and the impact this may have on the community around them. We continue to discuss these values and more at every opportune moment.