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Clubs Activities

At Oakwood we very much value the contribution that extra-curricular activities make to your child's development. Nevertheless, we all need to remember that the Clubs that School Staff organise are not part of their contractual duties and are in addition to the considerable workload that Teachers have.

Clubs are for Key Stage 2 children as, at this stage, we feel they will be able to cope with the additional demands that being in a club entails.

Clubs run weekly. If a teacher is unable to run a club he/she will give a verbal message to the pupils in advance. Pupils attending clubs are expected to remember and pass on messages to their parents. Children are not usually permitted to use the School telephone to contact parents regarding clubs. If a teacher is unable to give 24 hours notice that their club will not take place the pupils will be supervised in school if their parents are unable to be contacted.

As members of a club, children are expected to:

  • Attend regularly
  • Inform the teacher in advance if they are unable to attend
  • Remember to bring any equipment that they need
  • Go to the school office to wait for their parents if it has been necessary to cancel their club at short notice

Instrumental Tuition

We are also very fortunate to have specialist music teachers who come to the school to provide tuition for children who wish to learn to play other instruments. These are currently violin, guitar and clarinet and there is a fee for children wishing to take advantage of these lessons. Please contact the office for further details.